Ours is one of those prestigious wood carving industry, which has made a mark of quality production and exquisite designs. Though engaged in wood and timber trade for the last 4 decades, the Tamilnadu Wood Industry & Carvings at Salem was established in the year 1983. During the last 25 years, it has grown leaps and bounds to achieve very high reputation both in domestic and export market as a company of repute, wedded to quality and artistic exuberance.

Anything and everything in wood. What sets us apart is our ability to provide our customers anything and everything in wood. Our speciality is brass in lay in wood of various designs - (geometrical or floral) and our carving work also will be very attractive, because we follow all Indian and international designs. Plain or carved doors or furniture of all types and styles and designs for houses, offices, theatres, prayer halls,hotels, apartments, resorts, conference halls, restaurants etc., are being supplied by us. And the secret of our ability is that we meet the demands of all categories of our society such as low income group, middle income group, high income group and also we will undertake contract labour work,you supply the necessary material for your complete work.

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